Chief Records

Chief Records is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. It all started by growing up just outside the shadows of Cowtown. Anytime we had the opportunity, we would go to the Ernest Tubb Record Shop. In a time before the Internet, you could go to the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and find anything and everything Western Swing, Honky Tonk, Bluegrass, and country music. If they didn’t’ have it, A.J. Lockett or Jim Stinson would track down any obscure music request you might have. Not only would they track it down for you, chances are they would tell you when it was recorded, where it was recorded, what musicians played on it, and where it might have placed in the charts. The Ernest Tubb Record Shop was also a favorite hang out for many talented local country artists, as well as many Grand Ole Opry stars when they had shows in Fort Worth. We feel very fortunate to have been able to take over the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and preserve the music and culture under the name Chief Records.

Chief Records is named in honor of Ray Price and the Cherokee Cowboys. Ray Price created a style of country music that was born in the Texas Dance Halls & Honky Tonks. Ray Price went on to become one of the most legendary and successful country music artists of any time. Ray was always a very dear friend to Fort Worth, playing such iconic venues as Panther Hall and Billy Bob’s for over 60 years. Today Chief Records carries all genres of music. However, in the tradition of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, our heart and soul will always be real country music. We pride ourselves in having one of the biggest vinyl collections of country and western music. The common thread through these two record shops are the people and the love of music we share. So, whether you’re looking for that classic album or trying to find that new artist, swing by Chief Records and stay awhile.